Monday, July 4, 2016

4th of July Fireworks at Ft. McNair

 This year, Brendan's boss invited us to watch the DC fireworks from his backyard at Ft. McNair.  His house backs right up to the Potomac and is so beautiful.  I have serious house/furniture/life envy while we are there!!  The day had been a little wet - sprinkling on and off and we were really hoping for the rain to hold off until after the fireworks.  They had a very nice party with some yummy food and since the fireworks were at 9, we were able to hang without totally melting down.  I was so excited to try to photograph the fireworks.  I spent a bunch of time that day reading up on how to photograph them and I got all set up with my tripod and my shutter release.  About five minutes before the fireworks started, massive clouds rolled in and brought the ceiling down really low!  Most of the fireworks just went up into the clouds and disappeared but I did manage to get some shots of the ones that stayed below the clouds.  Even though it wasn't as good of a fireworks show as it could have been, it was still pretty great to be in such a special place to watch them.  It's not that often that we get to do something so special!!

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