Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The National Postal Museum

 Today we went to visit the National Postal Museum!!  We went because I had heard great things about it and even though I couldn't imagine that a museum about the mail would be interesting, it totally was!  The kids and I had a great time and it was - by all accounts - the best museum visit yet!  Everything was colorful and very interactive.  There were touch screens or things that opened and closed all over the place.  You could sort mail, throw packages, scan barcodes with scanners and all sorts of other things that the kids thought were amazing!  There was a train, stagecoach, planes and a big truck - all inside the museum!
The big kids really liked the Post Secret exhibit.  They read all of the postcards on display - some were funny and some were very sad but they were all intriguing!
As you can see from the pictures, the museum was very empty.  We had it to ourselves for a while - and then another family showed up about an hour after we got there.  The NERVE!  It was a really great morning - we even got street parking about a half a block away! That is the DC equivalent of a miracle!!

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