Friday, May 22, 2009

Frying Pan Park

We all went to Frying Pan Park out in Herndon today. It was a gorgeous day - sunny and warm - we have to enjoy every minute before it decides to rain on us again!! Frying Pan Park is rn by Fairfax County and it is a farm that shows 1940's methods and "technology". The best part is that there are lots of animals and they all seemed to just have had babies. We saw sheep, cows, horses, pigs, ducks, chickens, turkeys and even a peacock! The kids loved it. I didn't get too many pictures of Aidan - he seems to be in an anti-picture phase - probably the result of having me as a mom! Emmy still indulges me - so here are a few pictures...
Looking at the cows:There are sheep just on the other side of this fence in the shadow - Emmy was enjoying patting them:Lots of baby pigs:In the pig barn - the least smelly one I have ever been in!

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