Wednesday, May 20, 2009

George Washington's Gristmill

I'm sure you all know that I love to take the kids out to see things and go to places where we can run and not disturb too many people with our craziness. The past few weeks since Aoife was born have been hard on all of us because I have made a big effort to take it easy and stay home. This has led to cabin fever and too much TV for all of us! Today was a gorgeous day and I decided to take the kids over to George Washington's Gristmill. It is part of Mt. Vernon but not on the same property as the mansion. We got there right when it opened and we were the only ones there. We had a private tour of the gristmill - the kids even got to see corn being ground and feel the cornmeal! We played in the grass and saw a family of geese - the babies were so big! Aoife was perfect and slept through the entire outing. After a snack we headed home so Aidan could go to school - it was a great morning!The Gristmill:Goose family:Aidan and Emmy in front of the Gristmill:
A snack is the best part!

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