Friday, May 29, 2009

Vacation School

Aidan has been at "vacation school" all this week. It was at his preschool and the teachers got together and planned this for the kids for the time between school and Nature Camp. Each day they "visited" a different country, learned about the culture, did art projects and activities related to the country and had a snack from that country. It was pretty cool - Aidan has LOVED it! They visited Hawaii, Japan, Canada and Italy. Today they even stomped on grapes today when they were studying Italy - Aidan said it was cold but fun! Emmy, Aoife and I have been able to have a few relaxing mornings. Today we ran errands and Emmy practiced holding hands with me in the parking lot. She's been having trouble following directions - mostly my directions! She responds well to rewards so we walked around the little shopping center by our house and ended at the bakery where she got a cookie for being so good. I really think she understood - it feels good to finally get through to her!

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