Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Emmy's Birthday

Emmy turned 3 on Sunday - the last day of the birthday extravaganza weekend. She got tons of Disney Princess stuff - dolls, crowns, dresses, wands etc. She is one happy girl - let me tell you. She now tells anyone who will listen that she is "3" and has taken on the role of the big girl very seriously. She's so cute - I swear.
Opening a very cool glitter bouncy ball from Gramma
Princesses! I was looking for these but couldn't find them here!!
Minnie utensils
Chocolate birthday cake - we have LOTS of cake in our fridge right now!

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Rains Family said...

Emmy sure made out with lots of princess presents! I'm not going to let Addy see these pictures, we have enough princess stuff and she'll want more!!