Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Raglan Castle

On Sunday morning we went to Raglan Castle in Wales. It was by far the best castle ruin that we have been to this year - and that's saying a lot since we've been to Old Wardour Castle, Sudeley Castle and Berkley Castle. The kids had a great time climbing, running, jumping and exploring around the grounds of the castle. It was really big - there were several different parts and levels of the castle as well as a moat - with water in it! I'm so glad that we made it before we left because it would have been a big miss not to visit.
They've reconstructed this window's frame and it really gives a good impression as to what it would have looked like - it's hard to see it when the windows are just big holes in the wall!
Princess Emmy in the castle
Callum, Emmy and Aidan - under photo-taking duress
The view from the top of the tower
Emmy and Brendan at the top - Aidan has alreay run down the stairs. There was a pigeon nesting on one of the steps going up and it wouldn't move. Aidan even touched it - so strange that it thought THAT was a good place for a nest!
These beautiful plants were growing all over the castle
A view of the entrance from next to the moat


Sue said...

Ah...GREAT castle! Kentucky is going to be soooo boring :-)

Rains Family said...

What great family portraits! It's so nice to have all of you in the same picture. The weather looks gorgeous too! You guys must be getting so sad to leave :(