Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tinturn Abbey

After Puzzlewood and then a brief stop at the Wye Valley Steam Train we visited Tinturn Abbey. I had taken the girls there when my mother-in-law was visiting but Brendan and Aidan hadn't seen it. It was fun to go again and everyone else had a great time too. The weather was gorgeous and the kids had a great time running around with their swords fighting bad guys and chasing the doves.
After we finished walking around, we went across the street and sat in the garden of a tea house. We had tea and cake overlooking the ruins and watched the kids play on a really fun jungle gym. One of my favorite things about England is that there is a cafe or tea room anywhere you go. It's so relaxing!!
The inside of Tinturn Abbey:
Emmy running after doves with her sword:
The kids are fascinated with doors - and if they're locked it's just that much more interesting:
Callum, Aidan and Emmy on the ruins outside the Abbey:
Emmy in the tea house garden with her new damsel hat:

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Sue said...

Emmy always looks ready for a party...should one suddenly happen! Beautiful!