Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Another tooth!

Aidan lost another tooth today - OK - maybe I pulled it out but either way, he's down another tooth. This one has been loose for a long time and has been bothering him for a few weeks now so he was really happy to have it out tonight. If you haven't tried it, spraying the tooth and surrounding gum with Chloraseptic numbing spray - and then waiting a few minutes to do anything - really works wonders because they truly can't feel a thing when the tooth comes out! Emmy was so proud of Aidan and she wanted to show Aoife. I don't think Aoife remembered Aidan losing a tooth before this because she had this horrified look on her face and kept saying, "Aidan - tooth", over and over in a whisper. She started pulling on her own teeth half expecting them to just fall out into her hand. Poor little thing!! At least she's old enough to understand when I explained what had happened and she looked relieved that even Emmy hasn't lost any teeth yet. Oh the horror of having older siblings!

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