Wednesday, August 3, 2011

School Orientation

Today we went to Aidan and Emmy's school orientation. They will both be at Barsanti Elementary School which is right down the street from us. Aidan is in first grade and Emmy will be in PreK. We are so lucky that they have part day PreK at the elementary school!!! Unfortunately Aidan's teacher wasn't there and won't be in school for a week or so due to a family emergency but he still enjoyed seeing his classroom and meeting some of his classmates. Emmy loved her class. She and the teacher hit it off right away and we stayed for almost an hour so she and Aidan could play. She really didn't want to leave because she doesn't start school until the 19th and it's going to be really hard for her to wait - especially since Aidan starts tomorrow and Aoife starts on Friday!Aidan and Emmy in Aidan's classroom:Emmy in front of her class list:Emmy and her teacher, Miss Nancy:PreK is awesome!!

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