Monday, August 22, 2011

Emmy's First Day of PreK

Emmy's first day of PreK was Friday. She was so excited to finally be going to school! Mimi was here to accompany her to the first day and that was doubly exciting! She chose to wear her butterfly dress and her new backpack of course. We drove over and all walked in together. Aoife thought that she was going to stay with Emmy and when that became evident, poor Aoife had the most enormous meltdown that I've ever seen. She screamed all the way out of the school and cried all the way to her school. Then she realized where we were and she cheered right up at the prospect of being able to show Mimi her classroom! Aidan also disappeared in the chaos - he decided that he needed to go to his classroom but he forgot to say goodbye. I hope he didn't feel left out.
At pick up Emmy was all smiles! She had a fantastic day and can't wait to go back to school on Monday!!

Walking in to school:Emmy waiting in the line for her class and Aoife trying to blend in.

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