Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dance and Tumbling

School starts on Thursday (!) and dance and tumbling started today. Emmy is in a combination ballet/tap class because it was at the same time as the boys tumbling/trampoline class!! Emmy really likes ballet but she LOVES tap! She is a totally different person when she puts on those tap shoes. She just can't stop grinning and turns on the star power! I wish I had been able to take pictures of her during the tap portion of the class - I got yelled at for even taking these pictures. I guess you're not supposed to take pictures with any other kids in the frame - oops! Aidan loves his class too but was disappointed that they didn't learn how to do flips - in the first class! :)
Emmy is in the black leotard - second from the left.Aidan's all the way to the right - it was the best picture I could get!

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