Sunday, December 7, 2014

Breakfast with Santa

 Today we went to Army Navy Country Club for Breakfast with Santa.  The food was delicious and Declan was in heaven with as many berries as he could stuff into his belly!  There were cookies afterwards so all the big kids were happy too!! 
We had been prepping Declan for Santa in the hopes that he wouldn't cry like he did last year!  It was a success and although he wasn't thrilled, Declan did sit and didn't cry on Santa's lap!  He hopped down faster than I've seen him do anything when it was over but he didn't run away and did talk to Santa for a minute!  YAY!  My little baby is growing up!!

Heading upstairs!
Declan enjoying berries and other not as delicious foods:
 Try this!
 Emmy and her cookies!
 Aidan being a good big brother and helper!
 Crafts (and Minecraft) before Santa

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