Thursday, December 18, 2014

Declan loves meatballs

 Declan and I went out for the day and did a bit of last minute Christmas shopping.  We are pretty much done now!!  After hunting down blanched whole almonds at Whole Foods in McLean, we had lunch at Noodles & Co.  It's always a winner because they have meatballs!  I tried to order just a side of meatballs for Declan because he never eats the pasta BUT this is what came to the table!  I think they made spaghetti and meatballs with extra meatballs!! You should have heard the shriek of delight when the waiter put the bowl down in front of Declan!  He scooped up his spoon and dug in!  We had a very nice lunch, he promptly fell asleep in the car, stayed asleep when I put him in the stroller and slept for two hours while I got the last of the shopping done!!  Win - win!!!

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