Monday, December 29, 2014

Emmy at the ER

 Well - it happened - again.  We ended up at the ER over Christmas break.  At least it wasn't on Christmas Eve like last year or the night before Christmas Eve when Emmy was 6 months!  Poor Emmy was just getting worse and worse.  Her cough was making her turn really red because she couldn't catch her breath and she was even vomiting from the cough.  She had a fever that we couldn't keep down so after I couldn't get an appointment at the doctor's office, I decided to take her to the ER. 
Poor baby - she fell asleep on me in the waiting room for about an hour - better than being awake I guess.  We did eventually get into a private room - probably after she complained to the triage nurse of neck pain!  She was unhappy with me taking pictures of her but I did manage to sneak a few. 
She ended up getting a breathing treatment for half an hour and both a flue test (negative) and a whooping cough test (which eventually came back negative).  They put her on a Z-Pack and a few days later she was feeling much better.  Poor thing missed her entire Christmas break!

Selfie in the waiting room before she fell asleep!

 not happy with the pictures!
 Breathing easier!
 Feeling better after the nebulizer!!

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