Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Gingerbread House making with Aoife's Class

 Today I went in to Aoife's class to help them decorate gingerbread houses!  If there's one thing about Kindergarten, it's that there are always plenty of parent volunteers!  I think at least one parent per child was there - and some kids had both parents there!  It's sooooo different from any other school we've been at!  The kids had a great time covering their houses with TONS of candy!  Aoife's teacher had made each child a house of their own in her "spare time".  Mrs. White is really a special teacher! 

The kids are also studying bears and hibernation.  Mrs. White had sent home a paper bear and asked us to make a bear to hibernate through the winter.  I had (mistakenly) thought that Aoife was supposed to decorate the bear.  No, no!!  We were supposed to MAKE a stuffed bear.  I am by no means any kind of seamstress.  I have a sewing machine - that I'm not sure that I have all of the parts to and hasn't been used in maybe 5 years. I also don't have lots of spare (any) fabric lying around.  I found some old baby sleepers that had somehow evaded being given away, traced the bear, cut them out and hand sewed them together.  I do have needles and thread!  I had to stuff it with cotton balls but it came out OK!  If I'd had more time, I would have sewed buttons on for eyes but Aoife seemed to like it just fine!  Crisis averted!!

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