Friday, January 9, 2015

Run Disney Marathon Weekend - Day 1

 It's finally here - the MARATHON!!  AHHH!!  Brendan and I have been training for this weekend for MONTHS and it's really hard to believe that we're here in Florida.  It's been such a fantastic journey - I mean I started this all back in March and I could barely run a mile without stopping and here I am getting ready to run 26.2.  Our bodies are incredible!

My parents came down to VA to watch the kids and Brendan and I got on the plane on Friday morning early.  We got down to Orlando with no problems - I slept the entire way on the plane(!!!) - and we arrived at our hotel.  We stayed at the Beach Resort which is right next to Epcot.  The marathon starts in the parking lot of Epcot so we thought it would be good to be close, especially since it starts so early.

We spent the rest of Friday walking around Epcot.  It was actually not super warm but it was nicer than DC!!  We ate lunch at Marrakesh which is the sit down restaurant in Morocco - it's way at the back but totally worth the walk.  The food was amazing and the service was excellent.  The head chef even came out to say Hi and we discovered that he had lived in Arlington before he moved to Florida.  We ended up getting our meal for free which was so nice but I would have willingly paid for it  - the food was very very good.  I can't wait to visit again when we go back!

After lunch we went on a few low key rides and then headed over to the running expo to pick up our packets.  It's starting to feel real now!!  We had dinner at a great steak restaurant in our hotel and then had a great night's sleep!!

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