Thursday, March 14, 2013


Today was Aidan's first baseball practice - and it SNOWED!!  We have switched leagues and Aidan is playing in a much nicer league this year than last.  He is on the Giants - which is already better since we were on the Yankees last year!  The coach is so nice and really organized.  He picked a team full of nice kids with nice parents.  Sooooo nice to have such a rapport right off of the bat; there are a few military or retired military families and 2 moms who work at schools on Ft. Campbell.  Unfortunately the boys didn't get to practice for very long since it was snowing when we got there and it turned over to slushy rain.  They were tough though and ran drills for about 40  minutes - luckily it wasn't that cold - maybe 45 - and there wasn't any wind.  We have our next practice on Saturday and hopefully it will be nice - and hopefully I'll get some pictures!!!

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