Sunday, March 10, 2013

I should have known...

There were so many signs: the crying, the gorging herself at dinner, the crankiness.  I didn't pay attention and I paid for it.  I also decided that I would stay up late last night to watch Justin Timberlake host SNL for the 5th time.  (It was awesome.)  It was also daylight savings time so we missed an hour of sleep anyway and at 2 am (3 am??) Emmy came into my room covered in vomit.  Why could she not have gotten to the bathroom - oh why????  After a shower, stripping the bed (top bunk to boot), throwing some stuff away that I just couldn't handle and putting a load of laundry in we sat together for an hour in the bathroom.  Once things seemed to settle down I put her to bed and she slept until 7 (6??).  Whatever - between her, Declan and Justin Timberlake I got very little sleep last night and so she is crashed out on the couch right now and still can't keep anything down.  Poor little thing!  She is still in pretty good spirits but we're stuck home for the time being.  I hope that no one else gets it!!!!!!!

***** 3/11/13 Update - Emmy is feeling much better and will be off to school in the morning!!

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