Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mammoth Cave National Park

 Today we drove 2 hours up to Mammoth National Park.  It was really fun but we are exhausted!  The easy and short tours were all sold out so we took a 2 hour moderate tour.  It was great but a little tough in the beginning!  We immediately climbed down about 250 stairs that were VERY narrow, dark and wet.  The kids didn't complain but I was carrying Declan in the front carrier and it was a little tough to not be able to see my feet!!  Once we got down it wasn't difficult and we spent the rest of the 2 hours walking and coming back up to the surface.  We saw some pretty cool stuff and the kids were really brave.  For some reason they thought the cave was going to look like something out of Lord of the Rings and they were a little nervous!!
 Riding the bus to the cave entrance:
 Going down into the cave:
 Inside the cave:

 After spending 2 hours underground:

The kids' souvenirs:
 In the museum:

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