Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day 2

It seems that we are experts at this deployment thing because it's only day 2 and we are back in the groove.  I'm sure that the fact that Brendan's job has had him coming home late most nights has helped prepare us but so far I'm really impressed by the kids!  Granted, it's only the second day - we'll see where we are in four months! 
We were able to talk to Brendan again today.  It's really amazing how much things have changed since our first deployment back in 2003.  He left for the invasion of Iraq and I didn't hear anything for four months!  When he was able to call, he had to wait in line for hours to even try and then sometimes he wouldn't be able to get a line through or I would miss the call.  He had no access to internet so we had to write letters (!!) and those took 6 weeks to get to him or get to me.  Now the mail takes about a week and we can skype, email and talk on the phone.  There isn't even any delay!  It really is amazing and I hope that it makes keeping the connection with the kids much easier. 

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