Thursday, March 7, 2013

Who Does Declan Look Like?

The debate over who Declan looks like rages on!  Most of the time I think he looks like Aidan BUT I think that may only be because he is a boy!  Here are pictures of each of the kids at about the same age - what do you think??


I think the bottom half of his face looks like Aidan and the eyes looks like Aoife's - except blue.  One thing is for sure - they didn't look much alike as babies but they sure all look alike now!!


Laurie said...

90% Aidan, 10% Aoife (right around the eyes).

Mary Ann said...

i give up and have to say, "Declan"...

T.M. said...

Mostly Aidan, Aoife's eye shape, Emmy's eye color. Aidan's seem lighter, unless that's just how they are in pictures. :)