Sunday, March 3, 2013

Deployment #4

 Here we go again!  Brendan left this morning for his 4th tour.  He'll be gone for another 12 months and he should be home for R & R about halfway through this time instead of 1 month from the end!  Yesterday we took pictures of him with each of the kids for their Daddy Dolls, I baked a batch of Brendan's favorite cookies so he would have something to eat on the flight, and I made our usual pre-deployment dinner, steak sandwiches with arugula lemon mayonnaise and gruyere bechamel.  It's a little sad that we have a pre-deployment dinner at all!!  After Declan and the girls went to bed, we watched Big with Aidan. 

This morning Brendan took Aidan, Emmy and Aoife out to get donuts and then we just hung around the house while Brendan straightened up the garage.  It feels like he always ends up doing that on the day he leaves - maybe it's just to keep busy and feel productive!!  It's nice that BOTH of our cars and all of the junk fit into the garage now!!

Since Brendan was traveling with such a small group and they were going to fly commercial, they left in a van from work to go to the Nashville airport.  Instead of dragging the kids out in the cold and snow, we had one of the guys he was traveling with pick him up.  It was quick - like ripping off a bandaid.  One more kiss and hug for everyone and he was driving away.  The kids went right back to playing and I may have given myself a few minutes alone (with Declan) upstairs.

After a bit we had some lunch, got all dressed for the cold and went to Aidan's Little League player assessment.  It was AWESOME!  He has gotten so much better since last year - mostly due to the Swing Away that Brendan bought.  Aidan has done his "workout" in the garage most days since last June.  He is really strong and confident now.  He was really proud of himself and is super excited to start the season.  We are playing in a different location this year - it's a little closer to us and we will be carpooling with Aidan's friend, Cale, who will be on his team.

In the afternoon we had Cale and his sister Aubrey, who is Emmy's friend, come over and play for a few hours.  It was a really great way to fill up the day!  Brendan was able to call at bedtime to wish everyone goodnight!!  The kids were so happy to hear his voice.  It'll be a few days until we hear from him again because the travel time is really long but we will be waiting excitedly by the phone!!

 Mmmmm donuts...

 Try this Emmy!
 Deployment cookies
Bag is packed and over 100lbs - body armor is heavy!!
 Everyone on the couch this morning

 Aidan crushing the ball


My life....Ruled by BOYS!! said...

I dislike pre-deployment rituals, but it's nice to have them too :) We aren't too far behind you on deployment, I'm here if you ever need anything!

My life....Ruled by BOYS!! said...

I dislike pre-deployment rituals, but on the same hand it is nice to have them. I'm here if y ever need anything!!