Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

 Happy Easter! We were so excited to Skype with Brendan!  It is so much clearer than it was during the last deployment.  The kids really enjoy it and even Declan really responds to Brendan's voice and picture on the screen! 
The Easter bunny had come while the kids were asleep and brought them lots of great stuff!  Mimi and Gramma also got them gifts and Brendan's aunt sent stuff  - so sweet!!  They all enjoyed gorging themselves on candy and then we went out to play with the new hula hoops! What a great gift - something to burn all that sugar energy!!

 I found these masks while we were cleaning and they are PERFECT - Aoife as the Queen for sure!
 Poor Declan never really woke up and went back to bed at about 9 am.  He woke up at noon ready to go - I guess he just needed a little more sleep!

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