Saturday, April 30, 2011

Aoife's Birthday Party

Aoife's birthday party was on Thursday morning. Maybe it was more like lunch with cake and presents than an actual party since all we did was sit around and chat while the kids played. We only had a few guests, my friends Steph and Katie and their daughters and my neighbor, Joan. Aidan stayed home from school that morning so he could be at the party. At first I was going to have him go to school at the regular time but once he realized he wasn't going to be at the party the waterworks started. I guess I kind of forgot that the worst insult in a 6 year old's world is to not be invited to someone's birthday party. I relented and he had a good time and a short day at school.
Aoife and Emmy coming downstairs and seeing Aoife's new scooter from Brendan:
She can actually ride it!!Aoife birthday cake:Joan and Aoife feeding baby some lemonade:
Aoife with the drawing of baby that Aidan gave her:
Birthday lunch:Aoife wanted to give me a kiss after we sang Happy Birthday - she is so adorable!!Aidan helped with the candle - or we would have been there all day!Mmmm - she only ate the fondant strawberries - which are gross by the way - and didn't even eat a bite of cake!Cake aftermath:Opening presents is a group project. Everyone got in on the fun!Cookies as favors instead of goody bags:


Sue said...

Looks like a perfect second birthday!

Rains Family said...

She is just too cute, giving you a kiss after she blows out the candles!! I can't believe she only ate the worst part of the cake-- the rest of it looked delicious! I love her cookies too!!