Thursday, April 28, 2011

Neighborhood Easter Activities

My neighbor, Joan, organized an Easter Egg Hunt as well as Egg & Spoon races and a Three Legged Race on Easter morning. There are lots of kids in the neighborhood and we had a lot of fun - even though it was raining! Poor Aoife didn't get to participate since she passed out with a sugar coma at 11:30 am! Aidan and Emmy had gotten some hand knotted Easter Baskets from Brendan's mother and so they used them for the egg hunt!Joan with Emmy and Aidan:Getting ready to hunt eggs:
Showing Daddy Jim the eggs:
Aidan and his eggs:
The big kids started from the other end and they all met up in the middle.
Egg and Spoon races:
Emmy not even trying at the Egg and Spoon race:
Three Legged Race:
Cullinan children dominating the Three Legged Race:
Aidan and Daddy Jim in the 3 Legged Race:Me and Emmy bringing up the rear!

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