Wednesday, April 20, 2011


We survived a really bad storm last night. There was a tornado watch on Fort Campbell and the tornado sirens were going - it was really scary, especially since it was at 1 in the morning. The wind was really really loud and was shaking the house. It passed by pretty quickly - about 15 minutes - since the storms were traveling at over 60 mph. This morning we found some damage - not a huge amount but a lot more than anywhere else that we drove through taking Emmy to school.
This tree came down in our backyard - good thing it fell into the woods or we would have a tree through our roof right now.This trampoline was at the park - far from any house - who knows where it came from!Can this happen from straight line winds?Again - a mysterious trampoline. This one took a tree with it but missed all the cars parked on the street.Trees sheared off and missing the rest of them - that's just a few branches on the ground.A big tree uprooted at the end of the street - good thing it fell into the woods!


Sue said... were really lucky it wasn't worse! Thank goodness!

Kate said...

We had crazy storms up here in Columbus too. It started out as tornado watches and ended up as warnings. Definitely not we are used to after growing up on the east coast.

Rains Family said...

So glad you guys were safe!! We had one last week that damaged so many houses in our neighborhood-- CRAZY! Tornadoes are so random that there is never really any rhyme or reason, but so glad you were all unscathed...