Saturday, July 20, 2013

101st Airborne Divison (Air Assault) Museum

 This afternoon we went over to the museum on post just for SOMETHING to do!  It's been really hot - maybe not as bad as last summer - but too hot to play outside.  Aidan, Emmy and Aoife would be happy if we went to the pool everyday, all day but I'm already burnt out on the pool.  So many people and so close together plus Declan tries to drown himself at any chance he gets.  I totally understand because after spending even 20 minutes there I want to drown myself too!  :)  Swimming lessons start on Monday and are everyday for the following 2 weeks.  I think we'll spend plenty of time in the water.

I've been trying to come up with fun things to do that cost little (or no) money and are inside out of the heat.  Clarksville doesn't have a ton to do anyway so when you put those limitations on it you are down to a very limited number!  We are members of the Customs House Museum and so we go there a fair amount but Aidan is really too old and he gets bored.  He's so good about it and tries to have fun but I feel badly taking him there too much!  I thought that the museum on post would be a good compromise - inside, free (donations) and lots of things to look at.  The kids did have a good time but it's just not that big and not super interesting for them.  They really liked the airplane that they could go in - Emmy was CONVINCED that one of the manikins was looking at her - and there was a movie about the history of the 101st that Aidan watched for a while.  I wish there were more hands-on exhibits but they seemed to enjoy themselves.  It's nice to talk about history even if they don't REALLY get it.  One day when they're in high school they will be learning about WWII and realize that their Dad was in the 101st.  It's pretty cool to be part of history!

Here we are walking in to the museum.  We arrived with a few other people and I was trying to give them a head start before we stormed the building!  Aoife is obsessed with "Old Abe", the Eagle that is on the 101st patch.  We found lots of Old Abes in the museum including this one below that she was horrified to realize had real feathers and was - at one point - alive.

 Here I was trying to get a picture of them in front of the jeep - not quite so much!!
 Emmy didn't quite understand what I was going for here.  More cheerleader than guard!

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