Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Declan is 10 months!

 It's amazing how quickly these past 10 months have gone!  Declan is just the happiest little kid.  He's always smiling and laughing and just enjoying life.  He has four teeth - two on the top and two on the bottom.  He loves taking little bites out of thing like pretzels or tortillas!  He has really started eating a lot of table food within the past week and I HOPE to get him completely off of baby mush by his birthday!  He is starting to sleep through the night every once in a while which is nice when it happens!  He's crawling around like mad and pulling up on everything.  He is pretty good at getting back down when he pulls up too!  He said his first word yesterday while we were skyping with Brendan.  Declan said "Aidan" twice right after Aidan went outside in the backyard.  He was calling for Aidan to come back in!  Declan thinks Aidan is the coolest person on Earth and watches everything he does.  It's wonderful to watch the two of them together!!

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