Sunday, July 14, 2013

Light at Cheekwood

 On Friday night I took the kids to see "Light" at Cheekwood Botanical Garden in Nashville.  It was fantastic!!  It was neat to get there before sunset and see the transformation of the landscape.  I took some pictures of what it looks like in the daytime so we could compare it with the night pictures.  It really was magical! 
We ate dinner at home and then got in the car and drove to Nashville.  We got to Cheekwood around 7pm and wandered around.  The kids played on the treehouse and I had a glass of wine from one of the many bars they had set up around the garden and listened to the live jazz.  I felt as sophisticated and refined as I could with a baby strapped to my back and three other munchkins following me.  There weren't many other kids there and we got lots of stares.  I have to say that the kids behaved perfectly.  I think they were so impressed with the display that they didn't have anything to complain about plus they got to have gourmet popsicles!
We finished up around 9:30 pm and headed home.  We got home just before 11 and thankfully the girls and Declan slept some of the way.  It was tough getting them up this morning!!

The Field of Light - Day 

The Watertowers - day - made of 10,000 plastic tonic bottles filled with water and fiber optics

 Aoife swinging on the treehouse
 The Watertowers at night - they shift colors - it's hard to capture it in still photography!

 the Fireflies
 The Blue Moon
 Aidan and Emmy watching the Teepees - the colored tubes blink on and off and change colors

 the Field of Light

 Rain - inside the Mansion

 Chandelier of Light inside the Mansion

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