Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Emmy's 8th Tooth

 Emmy pulled out her own tooth today!!  It's been bothering her for quite a few days and she wanted me to pull it out but I was feeding Declan his lunch so I told her to grab a napkin and see if she could pull it herself.  She was in the bathroom and I heard her say, "Ouch!!" and she had pulled the tooth out!  Aidan was a little embarrassed that he had never pulled out one of his teeth and she just kept rubbing it in.  When you have an older brother there aren't too many opportunities to be first!!
After dinner the girls found their princess castle in the garage and we put it on the trampoline so Aidan could still play basketball.  They LOVED it but they did NOT want to go in for a bath.  I bribed them with an in-bath facial.  Aoife kept asking for the zucchini for her eyes!!

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