Monday, July 22, 2013

Swimming Lessons - Day 1

 The kids have been looking forward to swimming lessons for AGES!!!  OK - maybe only Aidan has been looking forward to them.  Aoife spent all day yesterday how she didn't want to go to swimming and she was scared etc etc.  I think that she thought someone was going to throw her in the water and see if she would sink or float!  She had a great time - as you can see from her smile in the pictures!  They didn't do much - it is a preschool class.  They learned how to get in and out of the water safely and then caught plastic fish with a net.  Worth $60??  We'll see..

 Poor Aidan's class was canceled and we didn't know it.  He was so disappointed but hung in there.  He'll get to make his class up on Friday while everyone else has to stay out of the water.  Should be fun. 
 Declan munched on some French Toast and watched all the kids.  45 minutes was his limit and he was happy to be on the way home to crawl around.
 Emmy did well although she wasn't happy that I didn't let her use her mask.  The teacher told her to practice in the tub tonight and I think she was in there for about an hour putting her face in the water!  I think she'll do much better tomorrow.

This is what you get happening on the other side of the pool when you take lessons on an Army base!

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