Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Great, just great.

I'm in the kitchen taking meat off a roasted chicken when Aoife walks in.

Aoife: "GROSS!!! What's THAT?"
Me: "it's chicken for the salad."
Aoife: "It looks like snot."
Me: "What? No - it's just a whole chicken with skin."
Aoife: "Skin??? Is it a REAL CHICKEN?"
Me: "Well, yeah - all of the chicken we eat is a real chicken."
Aoife: "You mean someone killed it DEAD????" Looks horrified/disgusted/betrayed


And then she refused to eat dinner - Chinese Chicken Salad that she LOVES.  This is NOT good.  No one tell her that hamburgers are cows!!! 

July 21 - Aoife no longer eats fish because they are "cute fishies swimming in the sea".  This is getting worse.

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Kelly Caffee said...

Catching up on your blog - your kiddos are getting so big! Lu went through this same thing not too long ago - it's kind of funny/frustrating/sad when they realize where their meat comes from! Lu wouldn't eat any meat for awhile afterwards, but has seemingly forgotten now. Good luck! :)