Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday at the Customs House Museum

 On Friday we met my friend Summer and her son and daughter at the Customs House Museum in downtown Clarksville.  They have a nice play area for the kids and it's also a great place to chat with a friend!!  We were going to meet her at 10 am when it opened so I thought we could run by Target quickly beforehand to pick up a few things for a package for Brendan.

At 8:15 I have everyone fed, dressed and ready to go.  I'm in the downstairs bathroom putting lipstick on when I realize there is water all over the floor.  So as I'm asking the kids who put water all over the floor I realize there is only water around the seams in the "wood" flooring and when you step on the floor more water comes up! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!  You have got to be kidding me!!!!!  I know instantly what is wrong because this happened upstairs in the hall bathroom 2 years ago when Brendan was gone before.  The toilet seal is leaking.  I call maintenance and they want me to stay but there is really no reason for us to be here.  I lie and tell them that I have a very important appointment because my morning with an actual adult it is VERY important to me!  OK - so by this time Target is out of the question.  I text Summer to let her know we may be a few minutes late because now I have to CLEAN MY HOUSE so the maintenance guy won't think we live like slobs.  Good thing the kids are good at picking up!  By the time we left 20 minutes later it only looked like we are a little slobby although there is still water all over the floor.

After a nice morning at the museum we went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch and by the time we got home the toilet was fixed.  There is still water coming up out of the floor.  Thank goodness we don't own this house!!!!

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