Saturday, August 17, 2013

Afternoon at the Park

 We just HAD to get out of the house on Saturday afternoon!!  Between Aidan sleeping late and Declan's nap schedule, it's nearly impossible to do anything early in the morning.  By the time lunch rolls around I am ready to get out of the house and away from the TV (which I constantly answer the same question - "Why can't we watch TV until 4:00???") and the mess that grows and grows as the day wears on. 
After we ate lunch and Skyped with Brendan we went to the park by our house that has a Starbucks.  It's great because there is a bathroom and, well, there's a Starbucks!  It was closed - randomly - so we played for a little bit on the swings and Aidan suggested that we go to the other park with a Starbucks.  Great idea!  We packed back up and headed off. 
There were a lot more kids at the other park and the Starbucks was OPEN!  Everyone had fun and we stayed until the drizzle turned into rain that we couldn't ignore.  Declan crawled around and the girls and Aidan had fun running around and getting some energy out!
After the park we headed home to get cleaned up before we went to a friend's house for our weekly dinners.  It's nice to get some adult conversation and a break from cooking and cleaning up!!

 Declan loves the swings more than anything!!!!

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