Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday Morning at the Library

 Happy Labor Day Weekend!!  What to do without school for 4 days??  Yesterday we hung around the house and took it easy.  We all got rested up from four full weeks of school.  Today we went over to the Clarksville Library in the morning.  There is a fun area for little ones to play - lots of toys and board books!  Aidan, Emmy and Aoife had fun playing with Declan but also thought it was cool that they had freedom to wander through the stacks and find books.  We only stayed for an hour or so.  It started to get crowded and the kids were getting hungry for lunch. I'm running out of things to do that are inside and local and good for ages 1-8.  I wish it would cool down already!  I'm really tired of 100 degrees!!

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