Friday, August 16, 2013

Crazy End to a Busy Week

This evening we went to Chuck E. Cheese to participate in the school fundraiser.  Aidan, Emmy & Aoife have been looking forward to it since last week when they brought home a flyer and begged to go.  At the time it seemed like an OK idea - better than the fundraisers at the local roller rink that our old school had done.  There was absolutely no way we were going rollerskating.  Imagine me with 4 kids - one crawling and 3 who can't skate in a filthy dirty rink with bathrooms that look like you could kill someone in them and no one would notice.  That sounds like about the worst idea in the entire world.  So by comparison this seemed OK - at the time - 7 days ago.

If you've never had the privilege of going to Chuck E. Cheese, there is a velvet roped off area as soon as you walk in so that a nice young girl can stamp you and all of the children with you with the same number in black light ink.  Presumably there was a mother who wanted to leave with more children than she came with?  As soon as we opened the door a wall of sound hit us and Declan was like NO WAY and started screaming and trying to claw his way back out the door.  Smart kid.

Aidan, Emmy and Aoife were off and running and I stood in line with Declan to order the "pizza" and drinks and get the tokens for the kids to play games.  After that, Declan and I found a booth right next to the toddler area.  He enjoyed himself - there were lots of things to crawl to and pull up on and look at.  There were a few other babies his size around and they spent a few minutes poking each other in the eyes and mouth before moving along to more interesting things.

The "pizza" came and I managed to wrangle everyone back to the table to eat.  I wouldn't say my kids are picky eaters because they'll eat pretty much anything that I put in front of them at home but they just don't like bad food.  Normally this would be a good thing but when that is the only food available it makes things a little difficult.  They ate enough so they weren't hungry anymore and went off to play more games.

By this time Declan was getting really tired and I was on my last nerve with the noise and the crowd.  Looking around it seemed like no one else was bothered by the ruckus.  It was starting to make me feel like the only crazy one but then I realized that all the people who don't like CEC were smart enough to stay home.  So that's why I didn't know anyone there!

After Aidan, Emmy and Aoife finished their tokens and traded in their tickets for a five cent piece of candy we headed home.  They were all totally worn out and crashed on the couch while I put Declan to bed.  The hardest part about putting everyone else to bed was getting them up the stairs!  Once we made it that far they practically fell into bed!  After a busy second week of school and so much fun tonight, I expect a little bit later morning than usual - but we'll see!

Here's Aoife with Declan - enjoying the toddler area.  Also - I am a terrible photographer with my iphone!!

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those Awesome smiths said...

I HATE Chuck-E-Cheese!!! You are a brave mommy to go on such a busy night!! It is so chaotic it makes me have anxiety and then the food...yikes!! You are awesome to let the big kids go and have fun!!