Saturday, August 24, 2013

Birds at Dunbar Cave

 On Saturday we went to Dunbar Cave with Gramma and Daddy Jim to see some birds.  They had a red tailed hawk and a tiny screech owl.  It was really cool and the kids even got to pet the owl - amazing!!  The cave itself is closed because the bats have some disease but the air still pours out of the mouth of the cave into a half covered entrance area.  It was in the high 80's but the 55 degree air coming out of the cave made it really comfortable. It was pretty neat and the kids asked to go back.  I can't believe we haven't been over there before. There are lots of paths and places to explore as well as lots of guided nature walks for kids.  It would be fun to bring a picnic and go on a nature walk one weekend!

The kids, Gramma and me at the entrance to the cave.
Declan - very excited to go on a walk!
 The girls found lots of feathers:
 Aidan is getting tired of me taking pictures:
 Aoife exploring:
 Checking out a spider:
 Aoife wants me to lift her down:
 Gramma and the kids watching the birds:
 Cooper - a red tailed hawk
 looking at Gizmo - the tiny screech owl:

 Cutie pie!

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