Friday, August 2, 2013

School Orientation

We had orientation at the kids' school today and school starts bright and early on Monday morning!!!  We have switched schools - still on post but just at a different elementary school.  I needed to have them at a school where they would be challenged and they just weren't being challenged where they were.
Aidan is going in to 3rd grade and his teacher seems amazingly awesome.  She is tough - you can tell right away but he was so excited going to bed tonight.  He said, "I think I'm actually going to learn something this year!  She said that if we understand something we can keep going and learning more stuff!  School has always been so boring and easy - maybe it won't be this year!"  I nearly died.  Can you imagine?  3 years of being bored out of your mind everyday??  Holy mackerel. I have really high hopes for this teacher and this new school!!
Emmy was really nervous going in to the school.  All of her friends moved at the end of last year and she has been so lonely.  Playing with Aoife is great and all but I think she really misses seeing her friends.  This year at a new school she will be starting fresh but her teacher seems like the nicest person I have ever met - seriously.  Emmy warmed right up to her and found the treasure box - of course!!
Aoife had no problem dropping right into playing with the mass of chaos that was her PreK class.  Her teacher is super nice - really young and just had her first baby.  Aoife won't start school for another two weeks and her teacher will make a home visit next week - to check up on us???  Aoife is OK with not starting right away - she said she is looking forward to some fun Mommy-Aoife time!!  SO CUTE!!!
After we spent about an hour at orientation we went to Chipotle for burritos!  Mmmmmmm - even Declan gorged himself!!
Aidan's classroom:

 Emmy and her teacher, Mrs. Lewis:
 Aoife playing in her classroom - I think she would have been happy if I just left her there!

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