Thursday, August 22, 2013

Golf Lessons

 Aidan has been taking golf lessons for the past month or so but I haven't been able to get any pictures!  Today, while I had the girls at soccer with Declan and my Mom, Daddy Jim took Aidan to golf and got some great shots!!  They even went back to the driving range on Friday and again on Saturday.  Aidan seems to really enjoy it!!


those Awesome smiths said...

That is so cool! He and Brendan will have fun playing Golf together!!

Renee Powell said...

Yeah, I can clearly see how he enjoyed that day. And probably every golf lesson he had and those that will follow. :D What’s crucial with learning golf at a young age is being given the proper instructions as he can form habits that, if not corrected, might be carried through. Do you think he’d like to pursue a career in this sport? Renee@Faulkwood Shores Golf Club