Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Take the Wheel and Drive

We went to the grocery store today to pick a few things up and Aoife reminded me that I had told her that we could get a driving cart the next time we went to the store.  Since it was only Declan and Aoife who were with me, it worked out well!  Declan had never been in a cart like that before - usually we get the normal one which is pretty exciting for him as it is!  He was in heaven!!  He saw her climb in and once he figured out that he was going in too he started kicking and laughing and reaching for the wheel!  He LOVED it and Aoife loved watching him enjoy himself.  I think she gets more pleasure watching him have fun than she does actually participating!  We drove around the entire store and Aoife let Declan steer with BOTH steering wheels!  That is one good big sister!!

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