Sunday, September 1, 2013

13th Anniversary!

 Today is our 13th Anniversary!  Yet another one spent apart - sigh.  At least we'll be all together in a few weeks - at least for a little while!!  Brendan got me a new camera - yes a camera - but it's a FANTASTIC point and shoot that I've had my eye on.  It's the Sony Cyber Shot DSC-RX100 and I am in love with it already!!  It can do so much and it has nearly instantaneous shutter delay.  You know that annoying time between when you push the button and when the picture is actually taken - that time when everyone looks away?  Yeah - this camera is almost as good as my Canon EOS 7D for a LOT less.  AMAZING!!!

Anyway - I had to try it out tonight when we went to Noodles and Co. for dinner - not fancy but it just opened and I was craving Pad Thai!  I think the camera did a pretty good job considering that I hadn't read the manual yet and there was really low light.  We are going on an outing tomorrow and I'm ONLY bringing the new camera.  If I even bring the old one I know that I might chicken out and use it - or worse - carry two cameras around and look like a total idiot trying to juggle four kids and 2 cameras!!

Happy Anniversary Brendan!  13 years, 4 kids, 4 deployments, 1 year in Korea, 7 moves, 7 houses - one pretty amazing life!!!!!!

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those Awesome smiths said...

That was SO sweet of Brendan!!! That is a GREAT camera for on the go!! It will be perfect for Disney!! It takes pretty great pictures...but it could be that you just have cute subjects!! ;) Sorry you had another Anniversary away from Brendan, thankfully you will be able to celebrate belatedly SOON!! Happy Anniversary!!