Sunday, September 22, 2013

Disney Day 3 - Epcot and California Grill

 After breakfast at Chef Mickey's, we took the monorail over to Epcot.  It is so convenient that the Monorail goes right through our hotel!  We visited The World of Energy, Test Track, the Nemo ride, Living with the Land, and Soarin'. 

After the rides, we had lunch at Under the Sea.  It was the worst meal by far at Disney this time.  It was really disappointing because we had a great meal there last time we visited.  The service this time around was terrible and it took us two hours to get our appetizers and entrees!  The kids were freaking out and so after we ate, Brendan took them outside.  It took me half and hour to get the bill!  It was really frustrating since we wanted to be on more rides!  We had purchased the Disney dining plan before we went and made reservations for all of our meals.  This had worked out really well last time we went but this time it wasn't as great.  We felt like we sat forever at each meal!  The staff wasn't interested in getting us our of the restaurant in a timely fashion - maybe because they don't really take walk ins at the sit down restaurants so there isn't any pressure to turn the tables.  I don't know but it surely made us rethink our dining plans for next time!

We took the monorail back to our hotel and met Mimi and Big Dan at our hotel.  Later we had an amazing dinner at California Grill - the super fancy restaurant on the top floor of our hotel.  We had a beautiful view of Magic Kingdom!  It was one of the best dining experiences that I had, although Declan was a mess most of the time and I had to leave a little ahead of everyone else.  I think that California Grill is a must eat at Disney!

Going in to Epcot:
The World of Energy:
 At Living with the Land:
 Ears on the Monorail:
 Dinner at California Grill:

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