Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Disney Day 5 - Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween

 The rain and cool weather continued on Day 5 so we didn't go to the water park like we had planned.  We took it easy and I did some laundry at the hotel.  In the afternoon, we got ready for the Halloween Party - we dressed in surfer garb and went as the new Disney movie "Teen Beach Movie".  We met Mimi and Big Dan and headed over to the park for our dinner reservations at The Beast's Castle for dinner.

While we were checking in at Guest Services, Aidan decided that he was going to try to do a two footed jump over a chain between two posts and landed flat on his face on the concrete.  It was pretty scary and in front of Disney security so pretty soon we had the paramedics there.  Aidan was pretty upset and embarrassed - all he wanted was an ice pack!!  We did eventually make it to dinner - an hour late.  It was too bad because it was one of the best dining experiences at Disney!  We ended up not having dessert because we were running out of time.  It was too bad because it looked delicious!!!  At the end of dinner, we got to take pictures with the Beast - Aoife was totally psyched to do this and Emmy wouldn't even go in the room!!! 

After dinner, we went on the new Ariel ride and started trick or treating around Disney.  We also went to the Pirates of the Caribbean before Mimi and Big Dan had to leave to go back to their hotel.  We did a bunch of other rides - all the good ones: Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, the Flying Carpets!  It did rain on us for a little bit but we didn't melt! 

We made it pretty late!  Declan fell asleep during the fireworks and we watched the parade at the end of the night!  Emmy was really tired by the end of the night but everyone held it together and I think we managed to have a great time!!  There really is no place like Disney!!

Waiting to eat dinner:
 Inside the Beast's Castle:
 Pictures with The Beast - no Emmy:

 Outside the Castle:
 Ariel's Castle and ride:

 Cinderella's castle:
 Riding the Flying Carpets:
 Disney Halloween Parade:

 Dancing in the streets before the parade:
 Emmy is very tired....

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those Awesome smiths said...

I love all your Disney Posts!!! You guys got to see EVERYTHING!!! That is amazing! I bet the kids will cherish those memories forever! I love all your restaurant stories! I look forward to trying a few out on our next Disney trip.