Thursday, September 26, 2013

Show Me the Way to Go Home...

We got up and out of the hotel at a good time and made it up to Atlanta to stay with the Kvams for a night.  It was a long trip and we must have stopped 10 times for bathrooms and/or food!  We also had to make a quick stop to buy tweezers because we realized that somewhere along the way at the Halloween party, Aidan had gotten a good sized piece of mulch stuck under his thumb nail!  YIKES!! 
We made it to the Kvams and had dinner and stayed overnight.  We got up and got on the road in the morning.  We made it home in the afternoon after a quick stop at the mall in Nashville to exchange some khakis that Brendan had bought.  He has lost nearly 30 pounds and none of his old clothes fit!  He needed a few things to make it through two weeks of R&R but I'm sure he'll need to do some major shopping when he gets back for good!

Declan sleeping in the car:

Zack Kvam and the kids - the last time I saw Zack he was 4 and now he's a senior in High School!

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