Sunday, September 15, 2013

Daddy's Home for R&R!!

 Brendan got in to Nashville this morning!  His flight was supposed to get in at 9:00 am which meant that we'd have to leave by 7:00 to get there a half hour early to park, walk in and get our passes to go out to the gate.  Leaving at 7:00 meant the kids had to be up at 6 which is even earlier than they get up for school!!  No one had a problem though - they were all really excited!!  We left the house right on schedule but the only problem was that I didn't check on the flight status and the plane ended up coming in 30 minutes early!  We didn't even realize until we got to the ticket counter to get our passes and the man at the desk said that the plane had already landed and was at the gate.  There wasn't time to get us through security so we had to wait outside the secure area.  I was pretty disappointed.  After such a long flight, I wanted Brendan to see the kids right as he got off of the plane.  It was not to be and in the long run - the short run, even - it didn't matter in the slightest. We waited about 10 minutes (which probably would have been enough time to get through security) because Brendan had gate checked his bag and then he came out and the kids were so super excited to see him!

We walked out to the car and drove home!  A whole day to enjoy before the leave days started counting down.  They have a day of travel, then 15 days of leave and then another day of travel on the other end.  We lucked out having a good amount of time on each travel day!

We were a little worried about how Declan would react to Brendan but our worries were unfounded.  He went right to Daddy and was happy and smiling right away!  I think I would have been more surprised if Declan had been upset - he doesn't get upset about much!!

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