Thursday, September 19, 2013

Disney or Bust!

We made it down to Disney!  It took us two days - we took the kids out of school after lunch on Wednesday and made it to Atlanta that night.  It seemed to take WAY longer than it should have! We got up on Thursday morning and made the drive down to Disney in pretty good time and got in around 3 pm.  We stayed at the Contemporary Hotel which is right next to the Magic Kingdom - so close, in fact, that you can walk there in about 5 minutes!  We pulled up to the front door to unload our luggage and two ladies with iPads were there to greet us!  It was so nice - a little weird that they knew everyone's names but I figured that they did that for everyone.  The Disney experience and all!

Once we got the luggage unloaded, the ladies told us they were going to take us to our room.  Again - weird but nice.  We all walked right past the front desk to the elevators and I'm thinking, "What is going on?  Don't we need to check in?" They read my thoughts - one woman looked right at me and said, "Don't worry about checking in - we'll take care of that in a bit."  Hmmmm, OK...

Once we're in the elevator, one woman scans her pass and presses the 14th floor.  I look at Brendan like what the heck is happening???  He shrugs like he might have an idea.  The ladies proceed to tell us that we have been upgraded to a suite and when we step off the elevator on the 14th floor there are more people to welcome us and to show us around the lounge!  There are snacks and the kids descend on them like locusts - sprite, cookies, goldfish and gummy bears??  It's kid heaven.

At this point I'm totally overwhelmed.  I've just driven all day.  I am a hot mess - no makeup, clothes all wrinkled, flip flops!  Not exactly what I'd like to have made my first impression in the Penthouse.  After they check us in at a very nice desk in the lounge, they bring us to the room (huge enormous suite).  It has 2 huge bedrooms, a huge living room/dining area/TV room, a kitchenette with fridge and microwave and three bathrooms!!

This was going to change our entire vacation.  In a regular hotel room, Brendan and I usually sit in the bathroom after we put the kids to bed.  We watch movies on the laptop and chit chat in whispers.  It's just the way it is and I didn't care either way - I was just looking forward to being in the same room as my husband - bathroom?  It was fine.

But THIS changed everything.  We were able to spread out and relax.  It made the vacation just that - a real VACATION from everything!! Thank you so much to Brendan's parents and The Meyers for making this happen for us!!

Here is a really bad picture I took with my phone of the sitting room - you can see the mess even!

Here is the view from our balcony!

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