Saturday, September 7, 2013

First Soccer Games of the Season

 This morning Aoife and Emmy had their first soccer games!  They were both so excited and the both played awesome!!!  They got out there and hustled and really put in a great effort!  Aoife had at least one, if not two shots on goal - the only ones her team had!  Emmy played nearly the entire game and did a fantastic job for her first time!  The most important part was that they both had a lot of fun!  Aoife's game was at 9 and Emmy's was at 12 which actually worked out fine because we got to go home and get Declan a quick nap before we went back to the fields!  Next week, Emmy has a game on Friday AND Saturday and Aoife's game will be right after Emmy's on Saturday.  We'll see how Declan does - hopefully it won't be as hot as it was today!!
 Aoife getting out there!

 Declan and Aidan enjoying Aoife's game!

Our set up for Emmy's game - it was A LOT hotter at noon!!

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Ashley Smith said...

YAY for Soccer!!! Good Luck to both girls! How fun for them! They both look like they are little athletes!