Thursday, September 19, 2013

Downtown Disney - Dinner at Raglan Road Pub

Our first night at Disney, we had reservations at Raglan Road which is an Irish Pub in Downtown Disney.  We were, of course, running a little bit late but fortunately that wasn't a problem - it is Disney after all!  We got to sit in an awesome booth that was enclosed and really felt like Ireland - dark wood, lamp light - it was nice!  We had a great dinner eating delicious food and watching the dancers on the stage.  The kids thought they were amazing and everyone really enjoyed themselves.  The meal was a little long - we were in there for 2 hours!!

When we got out we had to go and get Emmy (and Aoife) a stuffed animal (Marie from the Aristocats).  Emmy had gotten one on our last vacation to Disney and it had gotten lost somewhere along the way.  She's been wanting one for about a year now and she was soooooo happy to get a new one!!  I was reminded of the book Corduroy - she picked up her new Marie and whispered, "Welcome home - I've missed you."  The cutest thing ever.

After dinner we drove back to our HUGE HOTEL ROOM and crashed.  It had been a long, busy and awesome day!!
My camera has a mode that takes a picture when you point it at your face - Aoife could have played with this for hours!
Everybody watching the dancers - I wish I had taken a picture of the dancers themselves!
Bunny ears - very funny Aidan.

The girls with their Marie dolls.

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those Awesome smiths said...

That is so cute about the doll! I love that! This restaurant sounds amazing! We will have to go when we are in Florida again!!!