Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Burnside Farms

 Today Declan and I drove out to Haymarket, VA to go to Burnside Farms.  We met a friend and her two kids there and walked around in the sunflower field for about an hour. It was a beautiful day and the kids had lots of fun checking out all of the flowers and visiting with the animals. Declan was totally in love with all of the bees (he calls them "busies") and kept trying to pick them off of the sunflowers.  Luckily he was not successful and no bees were injured during our visit. 

We also spent some time looking at the chickens, goats and pigs that they had in a small penned in area.  Declan especially liked the goats because they would come right up to the fence and NOT try to bite him.  Always a plus!  We got some of the honey from the beehives right on the farm and then drove over to a cute splash park/pool for a picnic and a swim.  Declan was exhausted and slept the whole way back.  We headed right over to camp to pick up Aidan, Emmy and Aoife.  Aidan had gotten sick during the day and I felt terrible that no one had called me to come get him!  We got him home and into bed.  Hopefully he'll be feeling well enough for camp tomorrow.  It's so unfair that the ONLY week of the summer that they have camp is the one time that Aidan gets sick!!  Poor kid!!

Monday, July 28, 2014

1st Day of Camp!

Today was the first day of camp for the big kids!  Aidan went to basketball and the girls went to soccer camp - both at the same place and at the same time!  It's perfect!!!  Declan and I get to spend some time together and I get to get some things checked off my list!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Fun Weekend!

 Daddy Jim came to visit us this weekend!  We did a LOT of work around the house and then we went out to dinner at our favorite BBQ restaurant and while we were there we got to see this cool fire truck!  The firefighters were so nice!

 Declan loves to run around naked after his bath - he hopped up on the couch with Aoife and gave her a big smooch!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Aidan's swim meet

 Aidan swam freestyle and breaststroke at the meet today!  I'm so proud of how hard he has worked in swimming this summer.  An hour of practice everyday isn't easy and he's always excited to get up and go to practice. He's gotten so mush stronger and more confident - I love it!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 5th

 The 4th of July was really really rainy because of a hurricane that went through but the next day was beautiful!  We went to the playground, went looking for crabs at the beach and then we went out to dinner at a restaurant at Duxbury beach.  It was a great end to our quick Massachusetts vacation!!

Declan climbing!

Mary killing it on the monkey bars!

 Looking for crabs!

 Building a sandcastle!!
 Dinner at Duxbury beach!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

3rd of July in Marshfield

 Mary and Dan had their annual 3rd of July party again this year and we were able to make it!!  All of the cousins dressed alike and we did all of the girls hair in stars!  They got a dunk tank and a bouncy house and a caricaturist!  There was lots of fun and lots of food.  After the party, everyone went down to the beach for the fireworks - I missed it again this year.  Maybe NEXT year we won't have anyone who needs to go to bed before the fireworks!!!

Family photo!

4th of July selfie:
Amanda and Bryna
 Star hair!
 Dunk tank!
 Me and Brendan

Aoife getting her portrait drawn

All the food!

 Siobhan and Amanda
 Dan and Mary with all of the grandkids!
 Everyone in one picture!!

 Declan with CANDY!

 Declan's all tuckered out!